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Since the lockdowns began in March 2020, Denham Family Law has seen more growth than in any other past year. We have serviced many new and existing clients without ever having them enter our physical office. So, after more than a year of watching our business thrive during these strange Covid times, our debriefing made it clear to us that there were many advantages to switching the way we do business at Denham Family Law from the traditional way of communicating with and serving our clients to practicing 100% virtual.

Prior to COVID, a good portion of our clients were already only doing business with us virtually due to their military service and other personal time constraints. Since COVID, we have found that for so many people these days, their time is their most precious commodity. In the spirit and desire to honor our clients’ time constraints our firm has found it extremely satisfying to be able to accommodate our client’s greatest need- which is living their life outside of their already stressful family law matter. From working through disclosures with a busy mom while she sits in her car in the school parking lot waiting for her daughter to finish tutoring or conducting a Zoom meeting with a father who needs to connect with his family law attorney about his case while waiting for his child at the dentist, we can fill that gap.

We’ve been able to embrace the new age of doing business virtually without sacrificing care, compassion or availability for our clients and the opposing counsels that we work with.

From communicating via Zoom office video conferences with our clients from start to finish in their family law matters, to helping to be a part of the new age virtual hearings(that we’ve been told by our judicial officers are here to stay) at our San Diego Family Court system through Microsoft Teams, Denham Family Law is in the cutting edge of cloud-based business practices. We have found we are able to meet the needs of our clients better, faster, on their time frame, with the utmost efficiency. Further, we can service clients in all counties of San Diego Family Court, not just in our area, without travel time, saving our clients substantial fees and costs.

Being cloud-based also allows Attorney Denham to continue to offer full-service family law legal services from her home offices in both South Bay, San Diego and in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Feel free to contact our office and ask any questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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