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When considering legal representation for your divorce, you need to an attorney unlike most. I am Donna Denham, one of a handful of divorce lawyers who is also a family law specialist in South Bay. Earning that coveted designation requires an exam and continuing education. Renewals come every four years, necessitating that I stay on the cutting edge of California law.

Secure A Higher Level Of Legal Counsel For Your Divorce

A lawyer possessing an in-depth knowledge of the statutes surrounding marital dissolution can be your best asset. Specific areas of my legal practice include:

  • Divorce — Divorce is a stressful and emotionally charged time when you may not be at your best when it comes to making important decisions. At my San Diego law office, I will handle all aspects of your marital dissolution and help you make good decisions.
  • Child support — When children are part of a divorce action, they are experiencing the same feelings of loss and uncertainty. Parents should make looking out for their best interests a priority. Child support has strict calculations based on income and other factors. However certain issues may play a role in determining the final amount.
  • Custody and visitation — Both parents playing an important role in the lives of their children is vital in post-divorce life. Heated disputes over custody and visitation do little to ease the pain of divorce that kids feel. My job is to help you and your spouse reach common ground as one household becomes two.
  • Property division — One of the most contentious aspects of divorce is dividing assets and debts. Cases become complex when one spouse is concealing money and property from the other. In-depth, detail-driven investigations, sometimes with the help of experts, help get to the facts.
  • Spousal support — Unlike child support, alimony or spousal support (temporary and permanent) does not have strict calculations. The court has great discretion in awarding one spouse the financial help they will need during the legal process and following the formal end of the marriage. My job is to find the specific amount that works for both sides.

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