Helping You Resolve Family Law Matters Through Mediation

Family law issues such as divorce and child custody are often stressful. Litigating such matters can be costly and time-consuming. The court process may also make you may feel left out of the decision-making process. The courts may make important determinations concerning your children, finances and division of assets instead of you. For this reason, mediation has become an increasingly popular means for resolving family law-related disputes.

My name is Donna Denham, and I am a family law lawyer in Chula Vista. I created Denham Family Law, APC, to help individuals from Southern California resolve family law issues. I have represented clients exclusively involving family law issues since 2004. My experience and designation as a family law specialist allow me to understand the need for alternative resolution methods for contentious family law issues, including mediation. When meeting with you, I will review your circumstances and advise you on whether family law mediation is a viable alternative.

What Is Family Law Mediation?

Mediation allows you to resolve family law issues outside of court. Because of this, it will provide you greater privacy in resolving sensitive matters. It also provides you with much greater control over decisions that will impact you and your family. A mediator does not determine who wins or loses. The mediator’s role is to guide you toward arriving upon an agreement. Major determinations concerning divorce-related matters or care of your children are left to you and your spouse.

Having an experienced attorney who understands the mediation process on your side is vital. I can help you know what to expect from the process and protect your legal rights.

When retaining me, I will help you select the right mediator, and I will make certain you are prepared for what takes place. My experience allows me to evaluate any settlement proposal to determine it is in the best interests of you and your children. I will also assist in the preparation of any paperwork to accurately reflect your needs and desires.

Discovering The Benefits Of The Family Law Mediation Process

When done correctly, mediation allows you to focus your attention on issues most important to you and your family. To learn more about my mediation services, contact my office by email or call me at 619-777-8190.

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