A Focus On The Best Interests Of Your Children

Under the Family Code, each parent has the same responsibility to provide support for their child. In addition to child support, both parties are required to equally share unreimbursed medical costs, child care costs related to employment or training and education needed to obtain employment.

Child support may seem like a straightforward process. While financial help eases the transition, the emotional issues cannot be discounted. For children of divorce, one household is becoming two. Their best interests deserve protection.

Initial San Diego Child Support Order

There are statewide uniform guidelines for setline child support orders in California. But it is the Court Commissioner or Family Law Judge who has the final authority to decide upon child support amounts. If the parents going through a divorce cannot agree, the presiding judge will order the appropriate amount based upon the guidelines.

Generally, courts assume what the guidelines recommend to be the correct amount. However, in certain situations, a judge may not follow the guidelines.

The calculations within the guidelines are dependent upon:

  • The calculations within the guidelines are dependent upon:
  • The money that each parent earns or could earn
  • The total income received by each parent
  • The actual tax filing status for the parent
  • The number of children
  • The amount of support paid by each parent concerning other relationships
  • The amount of time spent by each parent with the children
  • Expenses concerning health insurance
  • Uninsured health costs and daycare expenses
  • Mandatory union dues and retirement contribution

Child support calculations also depend upon special needs costs such as education, visitation, and other expenses.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to speak with a family law attorney about your child support issues. I have extensive experience handling initial child support orders.

Modification Of San Diego Child Support

Modification of child support is possible when there is a change in circumstances. For example, if you suffer the loss of a job, need to spend a different amount of time with the child, or the other parent receives additional income, you can request a change in your support.

Before you decide to ask for a change in child support, you should contact a lawyer at Denham Family Law, APC, to make sure it is worth it for you to go back to court.

Understand that the court still uses the California uniform guideline when modifying support. The amount the judge orders may be different based on information from the other parent or other factors that affect child support.

Take action today and start the process of divorce. Contact Denham Family Law, APC, in Chula Vista by calling 619-777-8190 or emailing me for a an initial consultation.

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