When facing the life-changing implications of divorce, you want more than just an attorney. You want someone who possesses a higher level of commitment to the practice of divorce law in California.

Helping Californians Through Divorces
Helping Californians Through Divorces
A Focus On The Best Interests Of Children
A Focus On The Best Interests Of Children
Estate Planning
Facing The Challenges Of Property Division

Personalized Family Law Representation. Chula Vista Divorce Attorney Here for You.

Donna Denham
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Even if you were not already considering a divorce, you have likely heard the horror stories of a marriage ending. Bitter disputes between spouses. Substandard legal representation. Exorbitant fees that make a future more challenging.

With those exaggerated tales come misconceptions about marital dissolution. You may think twice about filing. Yet, decisions must be made in spite of information from accounts and the internet.

The first choice you make should be contacting a skilled and experienced family law attorney and specialist.

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Divorce Is More Than A Practice Area. It Is Personal.

I am Donna Denham, one of a select few family law specialists in South Bay. Passing a special exam was only the beginning. I was also required to attend more continuing education classes than attorneys without the coveted designation. However, the work does not end there. Renewal comes every four years.

The advantage for you is retaining a lawyer with a deeper understanding of California law.

While I have always wanted to be a lawyer, my own divorce was the key motivator in pursuing a career. Needless to say, my experience with the process was less than positive. My goal then and today was to make sure that no one would have to go through what I endured.

I also pride myself on being detail-oriented, an attribute that is paramount, as the slightest error can prolong an already challenging process.

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To schedule a comprehensive initial consultation at my office, contact Denham Family Law, APC, at 619-777-8190. You can also reach me via email. For your convenience, our office accepts cashier checks and all major credit cards. Denham Family Law, APC is doing all functions via virtual consultations and meetings. Being cloud based allows Donna to have time to dedicate to each of her clients!